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How to get a high offer when selling your home

A change in your personal or financial situation might mean it’s time to sell up and move house. Selling your home can be a stressful time for any homeowner since you want to get the best offer possible.

So, what are some tricks to get the highest offer for your property? We’ll walk you through the steps in involved.

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1. Sorting out the clutter

Even though this is still your home, you want to make it appear as spacious as possible to make the home look more attractive for buyers. Ultimately, this can mean removing a lot of your stuff to make the property appear more spacious. This might mean making some tough decisions but ‘getting rid’ of items doesn’t necessarily mean throwing it away, it can be put in an off-site storage facility during inspection times.

As nosey as customers might be, these potential buyers will open up cupboards, fridges or wardrobes to see how much space they actually have to work with. By removing any personal items, this can let interested buyers imagine themselves living in your home. Less clutter will also help make the rooms seem much bigger.

2. Clean up the front of the house

31270621817 1cc3d10d6a z Like meeting someone for the first time, first impressions have a huge impact on the way we perceive things. The first thing we see when viewing homes is driveway and exterior facade. As a result, you want the front of your home to look welcoming. This can include having a visibly clear house number, repainting or replacing the door, getting a clean doormat and fixing the outdoor lighting.

Additionally, if your home has a garden, consider raking the dead leaves, mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and sweeping the pathway to clean up the front of your house. Since this is the first point of contact for customers, if it looks neat and clean, it will give buyers a great first impression.

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3. Adding perceived value with cosmetic changes

In a nutshell, this involves freshening up the house. Small changes that can improve the aesthetic of your house include:

  • Repainting walls that look dull both internally and externally.
  • Opening windows to bring in more natural light to brighten up the home.
  • Lighting scented candles to give your home a welcoming aroma.
  • Removing carpet to show hardwood floors. This is something that is often sought after from buyers.
  • Moving furniture to make your home more spacious.
  • Dusting down cobwebs.
  • Replacing faulty/broken door handles.

Ultimately, you should aim to present the home as if you were viewing your dream house for the first time. Not maintaining such factors can indicate the home needs further improvements, meaning the next owners will have to fork out more after buying the house for improvements.

4. Finding a good real estate agent

44392748390 e0c657d724 z Persuading prospective buyers to sign the dotted line on that contract of sale can take some hard work. This is where a good real estate agent comes in, they can help you choose a sale price and market your property as the best house on the block. A good real estate agent can also help reduce the number of days the property is listed.

Look for a local real estate agent who is experienced, enthusiastic and approachable. It’s a good idea to find someone who knows the area and can confidently talk about the neighbourhood's market value to buyers.

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5. Wave goodbye to your pets

45296946265 1392d66434 z Whether you love them or hate them, pets unfortunately need to leave while your house is being inspected. You have to consider the potential buyers that either dislike or are allergic to pets.

You don’t want these buyers being deterred from your home because your pet is being a nuisance while inspections are taking place. Furthermore, you should consider removing pet food or water bowls, toys, fur, or footprints that are left behind to make your home more appealing.

6. Pricing your property correctly

Pricing your home correctly can ensure the right buyers are interested in your home. Too high of a price and buyers may look elsewhere, decreasing your overall pool of potential buyers.

Consider getting a property valuation from an independent valuer, or ask your local real estate agent for advice on pricing your home. Do your research and see how much similar properties in the area sold for recently, and don’t forget to consider any extra features your home may have such as a swimming pool, granny flat or an updated kitchen.

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7. Online presentation

home-exterior Ensure your real estate agents hire a professional property photographer to capture high quality photos of your home. Being able to show off your property with high-resolution pictures online can help you secure that increased offer you are looking for.

Presenting your home online is all about finding that right angle and lighting that captures the space and beauty of the property. Make sure the property is staged correctly and the photographer takes high resolution pictures during the day to attract a number of potential buyers.

Don’t forget to provide lots of information about the home to encourage buyers to inspect the property. You might not think having a large kitchen pantry is a big deal but it could be the killer feature a buyer was looking for.

8. Inspection day

When getting ready for inspection day, it’s best to dress your home to impress. That means fresh linen in all the bedrooms, clearing the sink and kitchen bench, adding fresh bath towels in the bathrooms, and spritzing your home with air freshener, or, as some do, the scent of freshly baked bread. A spotless home can help you secure a higher offer from prospective buyers.

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