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9 Idyllic NSW towns to buy property under $600K

Whether you’re looking to retire, invest or just want a change of scenery, these idyllic New South Wales towns are not only beautiful, but also have a picturesque price tag. We’ve gathered the best regional towns boasting renowned surf beaches, such a Yamba, to quieter country towns, where the afternoon cheese and wine platter is welcomed, like in Morpeth. Who knew such hidden gems existed within regional NSW, all with median house prices under $600,000?

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Eden (South Coast NSW)


5 things you need to know about Eden

  1. Median house price: $445,000
  2. Median rent: $370/week
  3. Predominant age group: 60-69 years
  4. Population: 3,153 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 8 hours 54 min (880.2 km)

Why Eden?

If you close your eyes and imagine blue tranquil water and coastline when asked where your most idyll place would be, then perhaps Eden is your next investment. Halfway between Melbourne and Sydney, nestled along the Sapphire Coast in Twofold Bay, is Eden, the southern hemisphere’s third deepest natural harbour. It is also known as ‘humpback highway’ because of the visiting humpback whales returning to Antarctica during the Spring. Eden is perfect for individuals who seek out plentiful beaches, rivers and estuaries.

With a rich whale history, Eden offers many activities based on such past. You can learn more about the history at Eden Killer Whale Museum or the Killer Whale Trail. Alternatively, you could engage in present day whale activity, by visiting the Green Cape Lookout, where many go whale watching.

If ‘farm-to-table’ (or sea-to-table) is what you seek in dining out, then Eden’s large offering of fresh oyster and seafood restaurants may be of interest to you. Wheeler’s Seafood Restaurant is a tourist attraction due to its fresh seafood offerings.

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Mudgee (Central West NSW)


5 things you need to know about Mudgee

  1. Median house price: $392,000
  2. Median rent: $370/week
  3. Predominant age group: 0-9 years
  4. Population: 10,912 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 3 hours 42 min (265.9 km)

Why Mudgee?

The third largest wine growing town, situated along the Cudgegong River Valley, is Mudgee. With over 40 vineyards, Mudgee boasts an array of cellar doors, alongside boutique cafes and restaurants.

If the ground isn’t where you want to be, soar a little higher on a hot air balloon or go for a helicopter ride. There are a lot of activities that keep both locals and tourists busy in the town.

If they’re not moving, they’re sitting, eating at sought after cafes. Whilst some, like Alby & Esthers, boasts farm to table food, others focus on the simple Australian joys of bread, sweets and pies. Peter’s Hot Bread is a 21 year old establishment, still run by the original owners, who offer freshly baked goods.

Mudgee offers a rich array of architecture in its historic buildings. The Town Hall, originally built in 1880 and renovated in 2012, is a heritage listed establishment worth seeing. This, among many other beautiful buildings such as the Clock Tower, Regent Picture Theatre and St John the Baptist Church, make Mudgee a historically dense town.

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Griffith (South West NSW)


5 things you need to know about Griffith

  1. Median house price: $330,000
  2. Median rent: $340/week
  3. Predominant age group: 20-29 years
  4. Population: 18,198 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 6 hours 19 min (575.8 km)

Why Griffith?

Ever wondered as your taking off, or volunteering to eat someone else’s pickle on your McDonald’s cheeseburger, where it came from? Griffith would be the answer. This trivial piece of information is one of many interesting facts that many didn’t know about Griffith.

Located in south-west NSW, in the Riverina region, Griffith is home to plentiful produce, offering delicious food and wine. The irrigation channels allow for constant water flow throughout the town, made farming grains, fruits and vegetables particularly successful. Griffith is known for their abundant rice, valencia oranges (among other citrus fruits), stone fruits, wheat, cotton and canola production.

Catania Fruit Salad Farm is a place where locals and tourists can indulge in the finest and freshest fruits and nuts, as they are able to pick their own produce straight from the trees. Griffith Spring Fest is a time where their produce is further celebrated. With more than 70 valencia orange sculptures made from over 100,000 oranges with the help of 400 volunteers, Griffith promotes the fact that they are responsible for 70% of NSW’s citrus production.

With a predominantly Italian heritage, Griffith offers many European inspired restaurants that have some of the finest pasta dishes on the menu. Pair your pasta with a fine red, as Griffith's winemaking industry is also inspired by their Italian roots.

Griffith is full of art, history and culture. The Regional Art Gallery, the Griffith Pioneer Park Museum, and Griffith War Memorial Museum are places that cater to those who love to delve into the past.

With a predominantly younger demographic of people aged between 20-29 years, this is a lively, working environment. With relatively stable economic activity, and a 1.02 jobs to residents ratio, Griffith provides employment potential.

If you’d prefer to lease out your home, using median house and rental prices, property has the potential to provide a substantial 5.36% rental yield.

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Canowindra (Central West NSW)


5 things you need to know about Canowindra

  1. Median house price: $240,000
  2. Median rent: $270/week
  3. Predominant age group: 50-59 years
  4. Population: 2,260 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 4 hours 11 min (303.7 km)

Why Canowindra?

If warm breezes, windswept hair…. And bones tickle your fancy, then draw your attention to the idyllic town of Canowindra. Located in the central west of NSW, between Orange and Cowra, in Cabonne Shire, Canowindra offers a vast countryside to enjoy.

The open countryside of Canowindra makes it a destination place for Hot Air Ballooning, giving it its reputation as ‘The Balloon Capital of Australia.’ From this height, you can get a good view of the successful canola farms. Canola, as well as fat lambs, wool, wheat and lucerne are all profitably farmed.

Canowindra is full of history. One place to immerse yourself in such rich history is Gaskill Street, that follows the old bullock track. This gives locals a winding route to walk down as they appreciate the veranda-fronted buildings, all of which have been classified as Heritage Preservation Area by the National Trust.

Delving deeper in history, or perhaps ‘digging’ deeper, you’ll find Canowindra is a space of archeological history. Producing fossils from the late Devonian period, Canowindra is a renowned discovery site. The Age of Fishes Museum and Learning Centre is a space where locals can ogle at 360 million year old fish fossils.

This historic township proves to be a great investment. Based on median house and rent prices, property investors have the potential of earning a 5.85% rental yield on their property.

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Gladstone (Mid North Coast NSW)


5 things you need to know about Gladstone

  1. Median house price: $311,000
  2. Median rent: N/A
  3. Predominant age group: 50-59 years
  4. Population: 366 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 4 hours 57 min (440.2 km)

Why Gladstone?

Gladstone is a river town located on the east side of the Macleay River. If you enjoy a quiet atmosphere, the relaxation that Gladstone offers will appeal to you.

Kinchela Street is an attraction in itself, offering places to eat, drink and shop close to the River.

If you enjoy the city, but like to escape back home, Gladstone’s close location to the Pacific Highway will be a perk you can take advantage of. Not only are major towns accessible, but Gladstone is central to many other holidaying towns such as South West Rocks, Crescent Head and Grassy Head.

If you love nature, then the picturesque Hat Head National Park is a place you can enjoy regularly, given its near location.

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Bellingen (Mid North Coast NSW)


5 things you need to know about Bellingen

  1. Median house price: $502,500
  2. Median rent: $420/week
  3. Predominant age group: 0-9 years
  4. Population: 3,764 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 5 hours 42 min (516.6 km)

Why Bellingen?

Do you fantasise about rich green foliage with glistening dew drops and running waterfalls? Fantasy becomes a reality for the Bellingen locals. Located in the mid-north coast of NSW, Bellingen offers both expansive farmland and rainforests, making for a well-rounded town.

Bellingen is along Waterfall Way, a 185 km road, that provides idyllic views of rainforests and waterfalls. If you’re more interested in the crashing of waves rather than running waterfalls, you’ll be happy to know that beaches are only a 40 minute drive away.

The local cafes and restaurants aim to support the local businesses by using fresh produce from the town’s farms and seas. The Tuckshop Bellingen works closely with the Coffs Harbour Trawlers and Hux Seafood Suppliers, who provide local produce from nearby Coffs Harbour. The Bellingen Community Markets celebrate the local produce from farmers, artisans and artists alike. These are particularly popular events that attract locals and tourists on the third Saturday of every month.

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Armidale (Mid North NSW)


5 things you need to know about Armidale

  1. Median house price: $350,000
  2. Median rent: $350/week
  3. Predominant age group: 20-29 years
  4. Population: 23,355 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 5 hours 47 min (478 km)

Why Armidale?

Located between Sydney and Brisbane, Armidale is a fine medium between the quiet country town and the busy city life. With immense colonial history, the town offers grand cathedrals, beautiful tree lined streets and 17th Century buildings.

Armidale is home to many World Heritage National Parks, such as New England National Park and the Werrikimbe National Park, among others. You’re able to get amongst nature by engaging in bush walking, with Armidale’s many bushwalking tracks, immerse yourself in the beautiful waterfalls, kayaking in the rivers or rock climbing.

With an abundance of nature, comes an abundance of fresh produce. Armidale offers bi-monthly Farmer’s Markets that encourage visitors to purchase local produce. Alongside the local fruit and veg, are the locally grown, brewed and distilled wines and beers that Armidale offers. Due to its cool climate, Armidale offers many sought after wines.

Armidale is home to the New England National Art Museum that hosts the permanent ‘Hinton: Treasures of Australia Art’ exhibition, a perfect place for those with a passion for art and culture.

Home to the University of New England, Armidale caters for those who want to complete their higher education. Armidale also offers a TAFE, alongside private and public, primary and secondary schools.

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Yamba (North NSW)


5 things you need to know about Yamba

  1. Median house price: $535,000
  2. Median rent: $500/week
  3. Predominant age group: 60-69 years
  4. Population: 6,078 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 7 hours 25 min (665.1 km)

Why Yamba?

Are you a summer baby who yearns for sunshine, clear skies and warm breeze year-round? You could holiday in Europe for one half of the year, and return home for the other, or you could invest in real estate in Yamba. Located on the north coast of NSW, Yamba offers long summers and warmer winters. It is the perfect place for those who enjoy the sand, beach and nature.

Situated along the coast, Yamba is renowned for its many beaches. If you enjoy surfing, Turners Beach is great for beginners. If you’re one for the sea life, Whiting Beach is known to have regular dolphin sightings.

Yamba is a great place for those who love to surf, swim, bodyboard and fish. Locals and tourists travel to Yamba for the Tim the Bream Yamba Fishing Classic, a competition for the avid fisherman. Fishermen can choose between off-shore or deep sea fishing with many charter boats available.

Fishing enthusiasm is encouraged, as it provides fresh locally caught seafood. Yamba's seafood markets give cafes, restaurants and locals the ability to eat locally sought produce regularly. Tip: order the prawns! Yamba is known for them.

With a relatively older demographic, Yamba is a relaxed town that attracts many tourists. It is great for a holiday investment, with reports claiming it to be a top holiday destination.

Morpeth (Hunter Region NSW)


5 things you need to know about Morpeth

  1. Median house price: $525,000
  2. Median rent: $395/week
  3. Predominant age group: 60-69 years
  4. Population: 1,403 (2016)
  5. Distance from Sydney: 2 hours 18 min (167.5 km)

Why Morpeth?

Located in the NSW Hunter Region on the skirts of the Hunter River, Morpeth is an idyllic town that boasts heritage, shopping, tasty treats and only a 2 hour drive from the nearest major city. Sporting the catchphrase: “If it’s boutique, delicious or unique… it must be Morpeth”, you are guaranteed a good time. If you enjoy holidaying in the Hunter Valley, with fruitful vineyards stretching across the landscape and specialty cheese shops tantalising your olfactory senses, then this town may be your cup of tea (or glass of wine).

The Smelly Cheese Shop is an attraction in itself that lures in locals with gourmet, house made and imported cheeses, alongside delicatessen meats and snacks. If you’re a carb lover whose cheeseboard isn’t complete without the finest breads, then Morpeth Sourdough may be a reason to move to town. Offering house-baked bread as well as history, the bakery was formerly the 1850 Historic Arnott Bakehouse. With streets that offer florists, ginger beer factories, lolly shops and vintage clothing stores, there is a lot to do in this quiet town. With a predominantly older population, you’ll find the ambience to be serene and calm.

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Have we sold you?

Great for property investment or living, these NSW towns boast an idyllic atmosphere that the Sydney CBD can lack. If you’re considering packing up and moving out for the leisurely life, consider these 9 towns that have so much to offer, all with house prices under $600,000.

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