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10 low-cost ways to make your house feel like a home

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Whether you’ve just bought your first home or you’ve lived in your home for a while now, sometimes getting into the routine of things means you miss out on feeling cosy in your own space. Here are some things that can change your home entirely by bringing warmth and sparking joy.

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1. Indoor plants

One of the best ways to bring colour and warmth to a room is by placing indoor plants in areas you want to draw attention to. Green is a seemingly unlikely colour people would choose to decorate their homes with, but plants can create a sense of openness and freshness.

When put in the right places, a potted indoor plant can break up a sometimes neutral colour scheme and bring the eye towards its various curves and shapes. They can add richness to a linear room and distract from the rigidity of it.

Plants are good for your health because they release the oxygen we breathe. Studies and research conducted by the University of Technology Sydney, have also shown that plants can improve concentration and productivity. They can also reduce stress and anxiety and are proven to cleanse the air we breathe. Whether real or fake, an indoor plant can make a space seem more organic, more fresh and more aesthetically pleasing.


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2. Framed photographs

These days everyone is so used to taking and storing photos on their phones. Unless you’re reminded of a memory on Facebook it’s hard to stop and reminisce about the ones you hold dear.

A great way to make your home more welcoming and more cosy is by filling empty wall space with framed photographs. It’s fairly inexpensive to get your photos printed. You can frame your photos and create a feature wall filled with fond memories. If you’re after a more rustic look, opt for a cork board and push pins.

Having pictures of loved ones or special places can incite feelings of happiness and nostalgia. You can also frame pieces by your favourite artists along corridors and above dining spaces to add colour and depth to an empty wall.


3. Change your bedding

Your bedroom is a very personal space. It’s important to make it one of comfort and relaxation. Making small changes can massively affect the atmosphere of a room. Changing your bedding can transform the aesthetic and colour palette of your bedroom.

From a multi-coloured quilt, you might opt for a neutral set. A white canvas means you can bring out the colour in other objects around your room. If you want to bring attention to the bed itself, you might think about changing to a patterned bed set. A dotted or striped quilt can bring dimension to a room, while a coloured throw can help to compliment other features.


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4. Coloured pillows

Pillows are the definition of cosy. They not only help to bring a room together, but they’re great to snuggle on. Layering pillows on your bed can help to create a sense of luxury. Layering pillows on your lounge is a great way to try different colour palettes.

Popular colours to use in living areas are reds, oranges, yellows and browns. These earthy tones can bring a sense of comfort to a lounge area and invite people to relax and wind down after a long day. Experimenting with pillows also gives you the chance to try out different shapes. Opting for round pillows helps to break lines in a room.


5. Rugs and carpets

An easy way to make a space not only look cosy, but feel cosy, is by adding a rug or carpet underneath a centrepiece. This draws attention to the centre of the room and again can add curves and dimension. If you’re renting a house or apartment and can’t paint any of its walls, take this opportunity to buy a coloured rug which will stand out and act as a feature.

Buying a large rug can make a space seem smaller, which often times can be the perfect thing to make a room cosier. By bringing your room in and filling it tastefully with colour, you can achieve warmth and comfort.


6. Welcome mat

This can sometimes slip the mind, but can be the most obvious way of making a home inviting. A welcome mat in front of your door can instantly change the way you enter your home. Not only does a mat brush off the outdoors and keep your entryway clean, but it can incite feelings of warmth.

This is also a chance for you to get creative! Spruce up your doorway by choosing a mat that appeals to you and your interests. If dogs make you happy, why not go for a welcome mat printed with a pug’s face? If you live by a certain quote or mantra to get you through the day, look for a welcome mat printed with words of encouragement. These can instantly boost your spirits before even setting foot in your home.


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7. Candles

Sometimes the key to creating a cosy space is by having a nice scent waft through the air. Not only do candles bring warmth to a room, but different scents can help you with different things.

Scents can play a big part in changing your mood and productivity. Natural scents including vanilla, jasmine, cinnamon and lemon can alleviate stress, increase energy and relax nerves. Lavender, chamomile and rose are just some scents known to help relieve stress and anxiety and to help sleep patterns and rest.

Placing candles in glass jars helps to create a sense of luxury around the house. Candles look good in any room, don’t be afraid to add them in any nooks and crannies. Flameless candles are great mimicking the mesmerising and relaxing movement of a flame, without the trouble of lighting a candle.


8. Bookshelves

If you’re an avid reader, a bookshelf is a must. A ceiling-height bookshelf can create the illusion of a larger wall. Bookshelves are relatively affordable and can be used to store various things. Take the opportunity to order your books however you’d like. This could be chronologically, colour-coded, or reversed so that book spines aren’t visible.

If you aren’t a book enthusiast, it’s useful to remember that book sales offer cheap books and vintage style novels that can fill shelves to create a homely look. Colour schemes of browns and whites help to set a more relaxed mood.

Shelves in general can be used for almost anything. Use the space to position candles, speakers, jewellery, framed photographs and any other sentimental items on.


9. Bath caddy

If you have a bath in your home, it can sometimes be deterring to use it when you can’t read a good book or use your phone, without the fear of dropping it inside. An easy way to overcome this is by buying a bath caddy.

Bath caddies can be a great way of adding wooden features in your bathroom. A bamboo bath caddy not only brings out a feeling of relaxation in your bathroom, but can be used to rest a good book, your phone, a nicely scented candle and a glass of wine on.


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10. Table lamps

Harsh ceiling lighting can often take away from a calming space. The best way to create dim lighting in your room, without completely living in the dark is by purchasing some table lamps to add a glowing warmth in certain areas of your home.

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes and can be a great way of experimenting with small spaces. It’s important to think about the difference between cool and warm lighting. While you might use cool (blue-hued) lighting in your bathroom, to better see things, warm (yellow-hued) lighting is a great way of offering small glows that incite feelings of sleepiness and leisure. You can mimic the lighting of a fireplace without the costly renovation.


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